Space to move.

Forma offers studio space for performing arts and wellness instructors to share their craft.

For more information about FORMA+IONS DANCE COMPANY, click HERE.

Located in Birmingham’s historic Theatre District, Forma provides a place for instructors to hold classes, as well as a place for people to hone their skills and collaborate with others who share a passion for the arts.

To reserve studio space please call 205-293-5001 or email us at

We are pleased to offer a multitude of classes open to the public, which are listed below. Unless otherwise indicated, all classes are accessible to all levels and are available on a drop in basis. Bham Barre classes can also be preregistered through the MindBody app.


645a Express Classic B’ham Barre
7a Kinstretch with Hai Ngyuen
12p Ashtanga Yoga with Shannon Hancock
5:15p Express Classic B’ham Barre
7p Steel City Swing
7:30p Urban Latin: Salsa with I.V. Motion

12p Lunch Break B’ham Barre
5:45p Adult Contemporary Dance *Int/Adv with Whitney Renfroe
7p Intercity Dance Collective with rotating instructors

6:45a Express Classic B’ham Barre
12p Beginner Yoga with Whitney Renfroe
5:15p Express HIIT Cardio B’ham Barre
6:45p B’Ham Barre
7p Intercity Dance Collective with rotating instructors
7:30p Urban Latin: Bachata with I.V. Motion

12p Brain Food, guided meditation with Terri Ann Heiman
4p Kinstretch with Hai Nguyen
5:15p Classic B’ham Barre
6:45p B’Ham Barre

6:45a B’Ham Barre
12p Vin-Yin Yoga with Whitney Renfroe

The following classes are cancelled for September:
9/19 6:45p B’Ham Barre
9/19 4 pm Kinstretch

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Team Members

Whitney Renfroe

Owner // Director

Jennie Fisher

pr // marketing

Meg Phelps

reception // bookkeeping

Ariana Pellegra


Taylor Ostronic


Rental Space Pricing

Rental prices below are for private studio rentals only. Contact Forma for more information about having your classes added to our public schedule.

Book 3 or more rentals at once to receive 20% discount.

*Discount does not apply to ballroom slots; studio rentals only.

*No heels allowed in studios.

Ballroom Slot

2,300 SQ FT. Floating wood floor, eight-slot capacity.

1 Hour: $15.00

Studio A

2,300 SQ FT. Ballroom space for private use. Ideal for large master classes, events, or black box theatre performances.

1 Hour: $120.00
1.5 Hours: $180.00
When you book 3: $96.00/hr, $144.00/1.5hr
Accommodations: 85 Mats

Studio B

975 SQ FT. Shock-absorbent marley floor.

1 Hour: $50.00
1.5 Hours: $75.00
When you book 3: $40.00/hr, $60.00/1.5hr
Accommodations: 45 Mats

Studio C

670 SQ FT. Shock-absorbent wood floor.

1 Hour: $42.00
1.5 Hours: $63.00
When you book 3: $33.00/hr, $50.00/1.5hr
Accommodations: 30 Mats

Studio D

250 SQ FT. Insulated walls for noise containment. Ideal for music or acting classes. Could accommodate small ensembles.

1 Hour: $22.00
1.5 Hours: $33.00
When you book 3: $18.00/hr, $26.00/1.5hr
Accommodations: 10 Mats